Ex-Bears aide Spencer restless on sidelines

Newcrest Is So Cheap Even Gold Bears See Deal: Real M&A

Spencer last coached in college back in 2003, when he was the running backs coach at Ohio State. “One of the things that came up through the course of the interviews was recruiting,” Spencer said. “Recruiting was one of my stronger points. I can relate to players. The rules changes havent been that drastic from nine years ago. “But when you havent been in the (recruiting) game for a while these coaches want guys who have contacts and know the area. So, neither of those jobs panned out.” Spencer remains on the job hunt and has explored the possibility of becoming a coaching analyst, a new football position most noticeable on the Alabama Crimson Tide staff.

Spencer update

Before 1968 the price of gold was pegged at $35 an ounce. After more than doubling from the end of 2008 to a record $1,921.15 an ounce in September 2011, the metal is now trading near $1,258 an ounce. Stock Decline The drop prompted Newcrest to say June 7 it expects to write down the value of four mines in Australia, Ivory Coast and Papua New Guinea by as much as A$6 billion ($5.6 billion), which is about a quarter of the companys book value on Dec. 31. The falling gold price, writedown and scrutiny of its disclosure by Australias stock-market regulator have pushed Newcrest shares down 52 percent in less than three months, the most among precious metals mining companies with market values higher than $1 billion, data compiled by Bloomberg show. The shares rose as much as 3.6 percent today, and were up 1.5 percent to A$9.44 apiece at 11:30 a.m. in Sydney. Newcrest now may have turned into a target, according to Stephen Gorenstein, a Melbourne-based analyst at Bank of America Corp. With an enterprise value of 253 times the amount of gold in its reserves, Newcrests multiple is less than half the median fetched by peers, the data show.

Bears found in Ridgewood likely from same litter, animal control says

(AP) Federal prosecutors have charged a Montana Hutterite colony with possessing two illegally killed grizzly bears. The documents filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Great Falls charge the Pondera (pahn-duh-RAY’) Colony near Valier and five of its members. One of the defendants, minister Leonard Kleinsasser , told a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agent the bears died from exhaustion. Kleinsasser says half of the colony members were chasing the bears prior to their deaths in September.

Hutterite colony charged over dead grizzly bears

Van Tighems message is pragmatic and sound. At the root of it, he is saying that human beings have to properly sort out once and for all that we are not the centre of the universe, that our arrogance is destroying the very creatures that fascinate us and, ultimately, that our fetishization of animals forgets the alterity of these creatures. It forgets that bears have no clue Check This at all that we think about them. They may have given up on us long ago, in fact. Over 10 chapters, Van Tighem meticulously describes the dual problem of our relationship with bears. The main issue stems from the fact that bears hibernate, and that in order for a bear to amass enough body fat to survive a winter, he or she must constantly eat.

Book Review: Bears: Without Fear, by Kevin Van Tighem

They were likely displaced by their mother so she could mate again, Nangle said, traveling south and becoming separated near Ridgewood. However they got to Ridgewood, they both ended up the same way: tranquilized and shipped back up north to less populated areas. CONNECT WITH US NJ.com/bergen Ridgewood Police Capt. Jacqueline Luthcke said while bears are always unexpected, their appearance isn’t surprising this time of year. “It’s unusual to have two bears in a week, but we do get them periodically, and this is the season that the 1-year-olds start getting kicked out of the house,” she said. Very few bears came into the area in 2012, Nangle said, due to a 2011 hunt that k illed 469 bears . The hunt this past winter was much slower, with just 287 bears killed . The hunt is expected to continue for a fourth straight year. The state Division of Fish and Wildlife has it scheduled for Dec.


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