Bears offseason report: Cutler ready to start over, again

Bears hug Jambughoda as new abode

“He’s not going to send you out there with plays that aren’t going to work or plays that are going to work against some defenses and not others. He’ll give you a lot of answers and make it simple enough that everyone else can understand it.” The challenge will be how quickly the Bears can get acclimated to what Trestman, who will call the plays, and offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer want to do. “It’s a three-year process to learn an offense,” Cutler said. “It takes time. It’s hard to go out there Year One and blow the doors off. But we’re trying to learn it the best we can in the time allotted.” Defensively, the Bears were fifth in total defense and were opportunistic in converting turnovers into points.

Chicago Bears’ Jay Cutler contract situation

Chicago Bears

Although no one is officially tracking their impact, a few Trail Safety Patrol volunteers have noticed a difference, Stirdivant said. Former Councilman Rafi Manoukian got the ball rolling on the signs after complaining about seeing cigarette butts while mountain biking on hillsides. “It’s not a good sight to see when you’re up there in the fresh air in the mountains,” Manoukian said, adding that smoking also carries the very real risk of sparking a wildfire. “Sometimes people go up and they just don’t think about it,” he said, referring to the fire potential. “The signs kind of remind people you’re out in the wilderness.” Tatevosian and Stirdivant cooked up the slogans when they were flying back from Sacramento late last year after accepting an award for the Glendale Narrows Riverwalk, a multi-use trail along the Los Angeles River. Some of their ideas “Our deer don’t smoke in your back yard.

A crossroads season for NFC North QBs

50 Greatest Bears

The Bears have seemingly been without a franchise quarterback since bad-boy Jim McMahon, who was a part of the 85 Super Bowl Championship team. An assortment of brutally bad quarterbacks followed after McMahons departure. Erik Kramer, Cade McNown, Jim Miller, Kordell Stewart (long out of his prime), and Rex Grossman are just some of the names that were unable to get it done in Chicago at the quarterback position. Yes, Grossmans team in 2006 went to the Super Bowl, but it was mostly because of the dominant play of the defense and special teams. Jay Cutler Jay Cutler has all the necessary skills to win a Super Bowl, but he wasnt surrounded by the talent it required in his first few years with Chicago. Bringing in Brandon Marshall last year was a huge success, as he clearly was Cutlers favorite target the two are best friends both on and off the field. But with no other receiver able to step up, Cutler and the Bears offense could only Authentic Devin Hester Jersey do so much last year. With a healthy Alshon Jeffery and Earl Bennett in the slot, along with newly added tight end Martellus Bennett, Cutler will have more options in 2013. The 30-year-old gun slinger out of Vanderbilt needs to show improvement this year, especially taking care of the ball. But even if Cutler is unable to give the Bears their first Super Bowl win since the memorable 85 season, there is no way they can afford to let go of him. Unless Phil Emery and the rest of the team are ready to go back to the likes of Rex Grossman and company, Cutlers contract must be the number one off field priority for Chicago. With no viable backup the current backup is Josh McCown the Bears could be in trouble if Cutler himself wants to leave. However, he has made it clear that he is happy with his current situation, especially with close friend Marshall on the team. The new weapons for Cutler should lead to much more success and happiness for him and the team in the 2013 season. Fans better hope so. If not, there is that slim chance the Bears will be searching for a new quarterback. Its highly unlikely, but anything can happen within the next year.

Bears from closed NC park find new home in Texas

General manager Rick Spielman and coach Leslie Frazier want to justify their decision to draft him No. 12 overall in 2011. But Ponder’s rookie contract provides an easy exit strategy if he hits another extended downturn. From the stat page: Much of the criticism of Ponder’s 2012 slump arose from the relative simplicity of the Vikings’ passing offense. Only 31 of his 483 attempts traveled more than 20 yards in the air, and he completed only six of them — none for touchdowns. His average pass traveled 6.43 yards in the air, the lowest among all qualified quarterbacks. The theory: Running a conservative offense, one built around a 2,000-yard rusher in Adrian Peterson , should have resulted in far better efficiency numbers than an 81.2 passer rating and a 53.8 Total Quarterback Rating (QBR). Analysis: Ponder was so bad in the middle of last season that people forget he was one of the league’s most efficient quarterbacks in the first four games and final four games of the season. ( We discussed that dichotomy in detail last month .) The decision to sign a premium backup in Matt Cassel has sparked national speculation about a brewing competition, but in truth all Cassel will do is provide the Vikings a better option than Joe Webb should Ponder falter again. Cassel will be irrelevant if Ponder can simply smooth over his 16-game performance, something that will ensure a starting job in 2014 and perhaps beyond.

Glendale tired of butts: ‘Smokers will be fed to the bears’

Puts lock in the price where shares can be sold, which gives them a strong inverse relationship to the stock price. Investors use them to hedge against declines or to speculate to the downside. (See our Education section for more about how to boost your returns with the leveraging power of options.) THOR is down 1.98 percent to $31.72 in afternoon trading. The maker of heart devices gapped lower on May 3 after earnings and revenue missed expectations. It tried to limp higher in the last month but is now slamming into resistance as the 50-day moving average comes swooping down. Total option volume is twice the daily average so far in the session, according to the Depth Charge.


The Fort Worth Star-Telegram ( ) reported Monday that the six black bears, three grizzlies and two Asian black bears are adjusting at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary. The refuge has 50 acres in Boyd, about 30 miles northwest of Fort Worth. Spokesman Richard Gilbreth says an anonymous donor provided $450,000 to build enclosures with trees, grass and more room to roam. Gilbreth says the bears lived in concrete pits at the Chief Saunooke (suh-NOOK’) Bear Park. Federal regulators investigated complaints of inhumane conditions and in January suspended the license of the privately owned park. Sanctuary board chairman Louis Dorfman says it’s very touching and sweet to see the bears responding to a new, positive environment. —

Bears want to take bite out of Thoratec

A healthy population of sloth bears is found in Dahod district, particularly the Ratanamahal sanctuary. They are also spotted in Chhota Udepur range in Vadodara district. The forests of Jambughoda were the part of a corridor that included Ratanmahal in Dahod district and Chhota Udepur as well as Kawant in Vadodara district. Bears, officials said, eat honey, insects and several other fruits. These are found in abundance in Jambughoda. The sanctuary recorded a fall in the population of leopards and four-horned antelopes as compared to 2011. The number of leopards in the present census was 37 as compared to 40 in the last one. Officials, however, said this was marginal and three known cases of deaths of leopards – two due to a major territorial fight and one due to a leopard getting trapped in a barbed wire fence, had come to light. The population of the four-horned antelope also declined from 122 to 99.


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