A Bright Outlook for Landing Page Optimization

As leads come in and move down the funnel, your automation software, as well as your scoring and nurturing system, can help you measure the ROI per lead and per lead generation source. Optimize the Funnel There’s no longer differentiation between a sales funnel and a marketing funnel. These two have integrated as a combination of efforts from both these teams lead to conversions. Your sales-marketing funnel is dependent on a few things. As you look to optimize your funnel, make sure you are including: Lead Source Content Relevance and Delivery Timing Gain Greater Audience Insight Do you know what information is the most valuable for your sales team?

3 Steps to a Stronger Social Influence on B2B Buyers

The importance placed on lead segmentation. 19% of those with a superior strategy are focused on improving lead segmentation for campaign targeting in the next year, compared with only 9% of those with an inferior strategy ( Tweet this stat! ). Knowledge of LPO best practices. 52% of those with inferior strategies cite lack of knowledge about LPO best practices as their most challenging obstacle, compared to only 19% of those with a superior strategy ( Tweet this stat! ).

While understanding your goals is important, your content marketing efforts won’t be successful unless you’re incorporating these goals into your content development strategy. If your goal is to generate leads, focus on producing content that prompts registration or email downloads such as white papers and e-Books. In order to establish your company as a thought leader, produce high-quality blog posts on a regular basis and create content, such as reports, that establishes your business Cheap Johnny Knox Jersey as a valuable and trusted resource. To increase brand awareness, produce engaging content such as guides, infographics and videos that are informational, yet branded. If you’re unsure which type of content will best help you reach your desired goals, consider what the most effective tactics are for other marketers. Tying It Up with Tactics Understanding what has been effective for others can help you make better decisions.

In the Professional World, It’s Time to Get Personal

Niche networks and business-oriented communities, such as Quora and Google+ communities, are great places to start looking for potential customers. If you have your own community or forum for your organization, make sure you address prospects with questions and respond to current customers to show you value those who chose to do business with your organization. Liven Up LinkedIn LinkedIn is a great tool for social selling and connecting with prospective customers. According the Forrester report, 88% of B2B customers have connected with peers or colleagues in the past month on LinkedIn ( Tweet this stat! ). 40% have participated in LinkedIn groups affiliated with a brand or vendor.

Clearing Up the Confusion about Content Marketing

Develop a cross-channel automation strategy. You can automate emails and you can automate your social posts. Where many businesses fail is in automating across channels for greater consistency and a better customer experience. Re-evaluate your CRM system. Are you using this system to its full potential, integrating information from email marketing, sales and social media? You could be in need of a more robust system or an updated training session.


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