Bbao: Devin Hester Will Be ‘fresh’

Devin Hester upset Pro Bowl is ditching kick returns

My legs are going to be fresh. That’s the key thing, me being fresh. Returners have to be fresh. It’s impossible to go 50-60 snaps on offense and try to return the whole game. I’m in the stage where I’m in a good mood to do what I love doing.” I can’t tell you how many times we exchanged that sentiment on the blog over the past few years. Expecting Hester, or anyone else, to be an elite returner while also playing regularly on offense didn’t seem realistic. In fact, Hester estimates he’ll touch the ball more on a per-game basis now than he did in multiple roles before. “I know during the season I’m going to touch the ball five or six times a game,” Hester said. “I mean, when I was playing offense I was only touching the ball once or twice on offense.

Devin Hester & Chris Johnson Vs. Cheetah In Foot Race: Who You Got?

The results were mediocre, at best Hester averaged 36 catches over the past six seasons, with his numbers diminishing in 2011 (26 receptions for 369 yards) and 12 (23 for 242). Hester is one of the greatest return men of all time, maybe even the best punt returner, as his 12 career TDs there indicate. But hes not a very effective wide receiver. The whole situation is really as simple as that. Chicago added Brandon Marshall via trade prior to last season and drafted Alshon Jeffery in Round 2. Earl Bennett, if hes healthy, should regain his spot in the slot, too, so the Bears ideally do not even have reason to consider Hester at receiver. In the last season that Hester served exclusively as a return man, his rookie year of 2006, he totaled more than 1,100 return yards (including a league-leading 600 on punts) and scored five times. Last year, as he swapped in and out of the slot-receiver position, Hester mustered just 331 yards on punt returns, with a middling 8.3 average. Theres simply no value for the Bears in continuing to push Hester onto the field for passing downs.

Devin Hester’s return to returning long overdue

Because kickoffs have been erased from the Pro Bowl . In this season’s affair, the ball will be placed on the 25-yard line at the start of each quarter and after scoring plays. Hester, a three-time Pro Bowl player and the league’s all-time leader for combined kick and punt return touchdowns, obviously isn’t thrilled with the tweak. “That was one of my goals for this season,” Hester told the Chicago Tribune. “I won’t make the Pro Bowl. They can’t do that.” They can, and they did. But Hester has a point.

It is a failure of epic proportions to have a player change positions without having somebody viable bring him up to speed. Ron Turner, Mike Martz,Mike Tice and even Lovie Smith did Hester a disservice. Nobody should be shocked Marc Trestman comes on the scene and immediately identifies Hester as just a return man. Trestman knows he still has a valuable weapon in Hester. Taking the pressure of knowing an offensive set off his plate will go a long way towards getting Hester back to his old form. He’s only 30 years old, and the speed is still there. Let the confidence and instincts awaken, and he’s very dangerous again. Can Devin Hester regain his old form on special teams?

For Devin Hester, returning is better than receiving

1 receiver and a Hall of Fame-caliber return man, are behind him. Now he’s ready to evolve into the final stage of his career, where he focuses on one thing and one thing only. Hester never meshed with Cutler — his past two seasons were pretty miserable, he said — and despite his reputation for running crisp routes, the results never matched the expectations. Yeah, I’m going to be fresh. I’m not going to be tired when I’m out there. My legs are going to be fresh. That’s the key thing, me being fresh. Returners have to be fresh. It’s impossible to go 50-60 snaps on offense and try to return the whole game. I’m in the stage where I’m in a good mood to do what I love doing.

How Devin Hester Went from Most Feared Returner to Virtual Afterthought

Predicting the Bears

Along with the Chicago Bears Devin Hester, the uber-confident Tennessee Titans running back will take part in Big Cat Week on Nat… Via FanIQ | July 24, 2013 We’ve seen athletes try to race against animals before. Chad Ochocinco/Johnson raced a horse at one point, and there have been other guys who have tried to do the same. Now, apparently NFL speedsters Chris Johnson and Devin Hester are going to try to race a cheetah. It will be shown on the National Geographic channel in November, and I personally can’t wait to check… Via Gamedayr | July 24, 2013 Two of the planet’s fastest human beings, Chris Johnson and Devin Hester, are going to be racing a cheetah in Nat Geo Wild’s “Man vs. Cheetah” special for Big Cat Week.

A ‘fresh’ approach for Hester

The second quarter, your legs are shot. Youre not really peaking at 100 percent of speed. It wears down your body throughout the whole week. And then trying to go in a game and do 50-60 plays on offense as well as returns its pretty much impossible. Ive never seen a guy who can do that and last. So even though he might look bored standing on the sideline during offensive drills, Hester said hes enjoying the benefits of his dedicated kick-return role for the first time in his NFL career. (Hester was a defensive back as a rookie in 2006.) Im a lot fresher than Ive ever been coming out of camp, he said. Thats the most important thing right now is to start the season without any nagging injuries. Im ready to go.


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