Jim Mcmahon Talks Concussion Settlement On The Dan Patrick Show (video)

Jim McMahon named in bank neglect case; one of many ex-players on wrong side of big money

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Jim McMahon contemplated suicide, is happy with concussion settlement

But every time I was upright, it was constantly banging in my head.” Page: BYU DUDE Provo, UT Come on BYU help Jim Graduate and take his rightful place in BYUs hall of fame , before his dad or Lavelle pass away. The Greatest player in BYU history deserves to be there ! 1:06 a.m. Oct. 6, 2013 Top comment Who am I sir? Cottonwood Heights, UT Best wishes, Jim.

The fighter: Former BYU, NFL quarterback Jim McMahon aims to win the toughest challenge of his life

That was my first love, was baseball, and had I had a scholarship to play baseball. I probably would have played just baseball, McMahon said in an interview that aired Wednesday on Fox affiliate WFLD-TV. But football paid for everything, it still does. That Super Bowl XX team is still as popular as it ever was. A career on the baseball diamond rather than the gridiron probably would have prevented the 53-year-old from suffering from early-stage dementia. McMahon, who said he suffered four concussions during his playing career, is one of more than 2,400 retired players suing the NFL for concussion-related dementia and brain trauma. He said back then team doctors generally would ask him how he felt and if he could follow a finger with his eyes after taking a big hit during a game. They’d ask you questions, basic questions. Where are you, what day is it?

Jim McMahon doing better, welcomes concussion settlement


The guy in the bear suit hasn’t been charged with anything. Yet. (Getty Images) Ex-NFL quarterback Jim McMahon, whose most persistent worry used to be the wrath of Mike Ditka, has a bit more on his mind these days. As reported by the Chicago Sun-Times , McMahon is one of seven former board members of Illinois’ Broadway Bank facing a lawsuit brought by the FDIC. The suit is an attempt to recover $104 million from 17 bad loans before the bank was shut down in 2010. According to the Sun-Times, the bank was owned by the family of Alexi Giannoulias, the former Illinois state treasurer who made an unsuccessful run for President Barack Obama’s old U.S. Senate seat two years ago.

Jim McMahon says he would have chosen baseball over football

“I don’t have the sharp pains. I don’t have the thoughts of killing myself.” Obviously it’s no good that McMahon is still struggling, but it’s certainly better than he’s able to actually move forward and remain OK with being alive. He credits the removal of a blockage in his neck that was causing spinal fluid to leak into his brain. “My head is not full of fluid,” McMahon said. “It’s not pounding. I can actually get up in the morning and walk down the hall and feel good.” McMahon also spoke about Thursday’s $765 million concussion lawsuit settlement , saying, via Pro Football Talk , that a lot of the players involved in the lawsuit are “worse off” than he is and need the relief that accompanies the settlement. “All these guys who are suffering along with me are going to get some relief,” McMahon said.

A lot of these guys are a lot worse off than I am. McMahon said hes enjoying retirement, and he doesnt sound like he has many regrets. But McMahon still believes that when he was playing, team doctors were more interested in helping teams win games than they were in taking care of players. And McMahon still believes that some of his former teammates have suffered because of that inadequate medical care. I dont think they were looking out for our best interests, thats for sure, McMahon said of team doctors. McMahon said hes glad the settlement was reached relatively quickly, while some players who need treatment may be able to get it in time to improve their lives: Its good to get this done now. 19 Responses to Jim McMahon doing better, welcomes concussionsettlement wryly1 says: Aug 30, 2013 10:26 AM I do not for a nanosecond discount the seriousness of long term damage from multiple concussions, but McMahon now sounds more sane and reasonable than he ever did in his playing days. nflpoker says: Aug 30, 2013 10:39 AM And of course, everyone who got a concussion during a game told the trainer during the game and the coach made them continue playing. B S. A lot of them would not tell the trainer during the game they got hurt, etc.


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