Where Should Brian Urlacher Play Next? Eight Possibilities

Philip Wheeler, OLB. SIGNED: Miami Dolphins, five years, $26M. (Old team: Oakland Raiders.) Marcio Jose Sanchez, AP 24. Chris Houston, CB. SIGNED: Detroit Lions, five years, $25M. (Old team: Lions) Mike Carter, USA TODAY Sports 23. Ed Reed, FS.

Brian Urlacher claims football players fake injuries to slow no-huddle offenses

Gonna miss my teammates. http://t.co/jR04DrOEGo Brian Urlacher (@BUrlacher54) March 21, 2013 Last week on the Dave Damashek Football Program , Urlacher said that though he still remains friends with members of the team, they better not win the championship without me, cause then Ill be really pissed . The quote has received mixed reactions from Bears fans many of whom still believe Urlacher should be on the team but Bears legend Mike Ditka thinks its time for Urlacher to move on. Via the Chicago Sun-Times : My advice would be to put it behind you. Brian has been such a great player for the Bears and an ambassador for the team. Not many guys get to play 13 years for the same team. Usually, when you change GMs and a new regime comes in, theyre going to make tough decisions. Mr.

Brian Urlacher on Retirement, Bears Fallout, Jay Cutler and His Tattoo Snafu

19, 2006. Urlacher played football at New Mexico from 1996-1999. (AP Photo/Jake Schoellkopf) Professional football star and former Lobo football player Brian Urlacher attends a news conference at UNM’s Indoor Practice Facility where the field was named the Bran Urlacher Field, photographed Wednesday June 24, 2009. (Pat Vasquez-Cunningham/Journal) Motorists are greeted by a giant image of Brian Urlacher on the ourskirts of Lovington. All Pro Lineback for the Chicago Bears, Brian Urlacher breaks up the pass to Neil Altomare -12 of Albuquerque at the Brian Urlacher Football Camp held at the University of New Mexico. New Mexico linebacker Brian Urlacher talks to a representative of the Chicago Bears on April 15, 2000 in Albuquerque N.M. Urlacher was picked in the first round of the NFL draft.

Brian Urlacher retires from NFL

Veteran linebacker Brian Urlacher today announced his retirement from the NFL. Urlacher became a free agent in March after parting ways with the Chicago Bears. (AP File Photo)

I can tackle guys. I know that much… Maybe because I’m not a jerk, I think… I’m not going to be a jerk when I’m out there. I never have been.” Urlacher also explains his complicated relationship with the media and describes the situation that angered him the most. “I had a situation when my son was born with the media, and they put my son’s picture on the front page of the paper. And that really pissed me off.” Urlacher continues “I didn’t think he deserved that and he – it wasn’t his fault.

Brian Urlacher retiring from NFL

He was in great shape, great attitude about it, very respectful to the fact he spent 13 years with one club, with the Chicago Bears. He’s a certain Hall of Famer in my opinion. He doesn’t have to apologize to anybody for the way he played the game.” Urlacher Retires | Bears blog Bears linebacker Lance Briggs played 10 seasons alongside Urlacher, and he told “The Carmen & Jurko Show” on Wednesday that the emotions involved prevented him from expressing his feelings. “Here is the thing: I don’t have words in regards to Brian right now,” he said. “He meant something different for me than he did for most. So for most, it’s just a thankful answer. For me, it’s deeper than Brian Urlacher Nike Womens Jersey that.

Brian Urlacher a legend, but retirement comes at right time

RELATED: RAISSMAN: BRIANS SONG DROWNED OUT BY MOSS ON FS1 Early in the season, you would get tired. (Teams) are running 80 plays a game youre getting beat up out there, Urlacher said on Fox Football Daily. We had a guy who was the designated dive guy, he added, so when coach (gave the signal) he got hurt. The way Urlacher described it, a coach on the sideline would gesture like a swimmer taking a dive subtle to let the designated player know that it was time to trip over his own feet. It wasnt coached, but it was part of our game plan, he said. RELATED: URLACHER RETIRING AFTER 13 SEASONS WITH BEARS The context of the discussion involved uptempo college offenses, and defensive players faking injuries to slow them down, so its unclear if Urlacher was talking about his days at the University of New Mexico or his time with Chicago. Nevertheless, members of the Bears were split on the veracity of Urlachers story, with some saying flatly that faking injuries are a part of the game, while others claimed to be ignorant of such tactics. Every team does that, Martellus Bennett, the quotable former Giants tight end, told the Chicago Sun-Times. Sometimes, its just like when youre boxing.

Although I could continue playing, Im not sure I would bring a level of performance or passion thats up to my standards. When considering this, along with the fact that I could retire after a 13-year career wearing only one jersey for such a storied franchise, my decision became pretty clear. I want to thank all the people in my life that have helped me along the way. I will miss my teammates, my coaches, and the great Bears fans. Im proud to say that I gave all of you everything I had every time I took the field. I will miss the great game, but I leave with no regrets. While retiring as a one-team player further cements Urlachers exceptional legacy with the Chicago Bears, he got to the real heart of the matter when he mentioned a decreased level of performance. Urlacher, who turns 35 later this week, missed all but one game in the 2009 season with a wrist injury and, though he made the Pro Bowl in both 2010 and 11, clearly neared the end of the line during 2012.


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